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The Bow Wow Wow Puppy Course


Every puppy needs to be groomed at some time in its life, whether it's a simple nail clip or a full groom. At Bow Wow Wow, we offer 'The Puppy Course' which is aimed at making the grooming process an enjoyable one.


Our puppy grooming course consists of three sessions, during which we will get your puppy accustomed to us, the grooming studio and our equipment such as the table, hand dryer and clippers. Initially consisting of play, rewards and treats, we gradually introduce new elements to each session.


We want your puppy to become accustomed to grooming and see it as a normal part of everyday life and not an experience to be scared of. Introducing your puppy to grooming as part of its socialisation will make it easier to tolerate being groomed when older.


The Bow Wow Wow Puppy Course starts at £65 for three sessions. A full groom can be added to the final session for an extra charge. The course must be pre-booked and is payable up front at the first appointment. To book or enquire, call us on (0151) 345 6245.

The Bow Wow Wow Puppy Course
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