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The Bow Wow Wow Puppy Course

The Bow Wow Wow puppy course is the perfect introduction to dog grooming for your new pet. Over the course of three sessions we get your puppy used to the dog grooming process and mix it up with treats and rewards to make it a positive experience. At the end of the first session we aim to have completed a wash and dry, building up to a full groom at the end of the third. We gradually introduce new elements of grooming as we progress such as driers, standing on a grooming table, nail clipping etc. Most dogs will need to be groomed at some point, whether it's a simple nail trim or a full groom so we feel it's important to make the experience something really positive and not something that your dog will become anxious about.

If you'd like to speak to us about the Bow Wow Wow Puppy Course please call us on 0151 345 6245.

Below is a picture of the Cavachon puppy after her first session with us.

Poppy the Puppy on the Bow Wow Wow Puppy Course
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